Designs for war memorials, gravestones and cenotaphs


These designs for gravestones and cenotaphs were created by Ludwig F Fuchs. Fuchs was an architect, and his designs would help stonemasons not familiar with producing such objects. There are 30 designs in total.

The designs often use glorifying images of the soldier as a hero, who gave his life for the nation. They also emphasise that one year into the war death was the dominant theme. More and more soldiers were being killed. Because few of the bodies could be returned home, the gravestones or cenotaphs were an important way to recognise the sacrifice made by the dead, both for the families at home and also for the soldiers who survived.

Full title:
War gravestones and cenotaphs
München : Pohl
Book / Drawing
Ludwig F Fuchs
Held by:
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin