Chart accompanying German Official Account of The Battle of Jutland


This chart plots the locations and movements of the Allied and German ships between 5.30pm and 5.48pm during the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916. The Battle of Jutland was the only major clash of opposing navies during the First World War. The precise details of every action of the battle were recorded in official accounts produced by each navy shortly afterwards and have been the subject of analysis, debate and controversy ever since. This chart comes from a 1926 English translation of the German Official Account written in 1918 by Capt. O Groos.

Jellicoe Papers

John Rushworth Jellicoe was a navy officer who commanded The Grand Fleet during World War One. He led Allied warships against the German High Seas Fleet and was involved in high-level decision-making about naval operations. The Jellicoe Papers comprise correspondence, memoranda, reports, charts and other documents either created or used by Jellicoe during his service in the Royal Navy.

Full title:
JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXVIII. Chart F. The High Seas Fleet intervenes from 'The Battle of Jutland (The German Official Account)', 1926, a printed English translation by Lt.-Com. W. T. Bagot of Capt. O. Groos 'Der Krieg in der Nordsee', 1918.
Map / Manuscript
O Groos , W T Bagot
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British Library
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