Comrades, Sign Up for the 7th War Bond


This poster was used to attract subcribers for the 7th War Bond in Alsace. It’s a creation by Leo Schnug, an Alsatian illustrator who also decorated the hall of the Haut-Kœnigsbourg castle during its restoration under Emperor Wilhelm II. Schnug’s art was heavily influenced by the medieval period. In this poster, the German soldier is wearing armour and his shield is black, white and red, the colours of the German Reich. It implies that the soldier needs help to defend the German heritage against attacks from its enemies, and that people should subscribe to the war bond and help the war effort.

Schnug was an important artist in Alsace during the pre-war years. Influenced by historical themes, as well as the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle he worked on the Kammerzell restaurant in Strasbourg. He reproduced artworks, but also drew from his imagination. At the outbreak of World War One, he enlisted in the German army. In 1918 he was voluntarily interned in a hospital because of alcohol dependence. He remained in hospital until his death in 1933.

Full title:
Comrades, Sign Up for the 7th War Bond
Poster / Illustration
Leo Schnug
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