Drawing of Ploegsteert Shoot on 24 October 1914 by Captain Overy (Hunter Weston diaries)


What does the drawing reveal about daily life in the trenches?

Sir Aylmer Gould Hunter Weston was a Major General during the First World War. He served on the Western Front, in the Middle East and at Gallipoli (modern day Turkey). After the war he wrote up his experiences in war diaries and he included photographs and pictures of the different places in which he served. One of these was this drawing by Captain Ovey. 

This drawing shows that on 28 October 1914 Hunter Weston of the 11th Infantry Brigade organised with Colonel Montgomery of the 4th Division Headquarters Staff a shoot in the coverts of Ploegsteert (Plugstreet) Wood. The officers managed to bag six pheasants, seven rabbits and two and a half hares. The shoot took place behind the British trenches but both German and British shells flew overhead as the Germans were attacking the Chateau de la Hutte only 150 yards away.

Full title:
HUNTER-WESTON PAPERS. Private War Diary. 11th Infantry Brigade of ‘The Old Contemptibles’. Vol. IX. France and Flanders. Aug.1914-15 Feb. 1915.
Aylmer Gould Hunter-Weston
Held by:
British Library
Add MS 48363 ff. 57-58

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