Eat Well and Spend Little - recipes from the Italian Cooking Association



This wartime recipe book proved very popular among Italian families during World War One. The recipes, provided by the Italian Cooking Association, include a range of money-saving tips. For example, due to food shortages and the worsening economic situation, women and children are encouraged to cook with grass gathered from public gardens, and to follow ‘tasty recipes to cook bean skins’. Meal ideas include soup, and polenta with entrails, herring or cod. Meat is not used since it was difficult to find, and very expensive at the time.


Un libro di ricette di guerra molto diffuso al tempo. L'Associazione nazionale cucinieri fornisce un elenco ricette economiche e pratiche. Donne e bambini raccoglievano persino l’erba dei giardini pubblici, inventandosi addirittura “gustose ricette per cucinare in modo appetitoso le bucce dei legumi. - Libro di ricette dove, ad esclusione della carne, viene presentata la preparazione di zuppe, minestre, polenta con frattaglie, aringhe e baccalà.

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Eat well and spend little
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