Every lady should wear the Black-and-Yellow Cross Brooch - An Adorable Novelty!


This small graphic is the crest of the Black Yellow Cross, an organisation particularly active in collecting donations for the needy. The text asks women to buy the Black Yellow Cross brooch to show their patriotism and revenue went to a charity that fed the hungry. The main representatives of the committee were Anka Baroness Bienerth, wife of the Austrian Prime Minister, and Berta Weiskirchner, wife of the mayor of Vienna.

This is an example of the small texts and graphics used to raise funds from the civilian population. Relief efforts and charities were funded by donations collected through the sale of badges, postcards and small adhesive stamps such as this one.


Something delightfully new! - Every woman is wearing the black-yellow-cross brooch - (beading on velvet) - unit price K.2 -- as a sign of her patriotic sympathies - The committee for free meals for the needy - honorary presidents: Anka Baronin Bienerth and Berta Weiskirchner
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Every lady should wear the Black-and-Yellow Cross Brooch - An Adorable Novelty!
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