Flood-light in a trench near Chatki, Galicia


Taken in Galicia near the Strypa river, this photograph shows soldiers in and near a trench, staring into the distance. A soldier operates a floodlight. For centuries, wars had been conducted during daylight, but this changed in World War One. With advancing technology, it was possible to illuminate the battlefield, ditches and obstacles with electric lights. Enemy vehicles could be spotted, shot at and blinded. The electric lights were fitted with mirrors and additional lamps.

This photograph is from the collection of the Imperial and Royal War Press Bureau. The bureau was the propaganda department of the Austro-Hungarian army. This unique collection contains pictures of the war at the eastern and southeastern fronts, the back country and from all areas of the monarchy.

Full title:
Flood-light in a trench near Chatki, Galicia
Imperial and Royal War Press Bureau
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Öesterreichische Nationalbibliothek