Emperor Karl I visits the front: Levico in South Tyrol


This picture shows an Austro-Hungarian unit of troops parading for Emperor Karl I to the front in January 1917. Emperor Karl I is in the centre. He had already travelled to the front and to the back country as heir to the throne, but he intensified his travels as emperor. These trips were carefully planned, accompanied by film cameras and photographers, and followed by numerous reports in the press. His first trip to the front took him to Levico in the Dolomites, where he was welcomed by a parade.

This photograph is from the collection of the Imperial and Royal War Press Bureau. The bureau was the propaganda department of the Austro-Hungarian army. This unique collection contains pictures of the war at the eastern and southeastern fronts, the back country and from all areas of the monarchy.

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Emperor Karl I visits the front: Levico in South Tyrol
January 1917
Imperial and Royal War Press Bureau
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Öesterreichische Nationalbibliothek
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