Sergeant Momčilo Gavrič at the age of 10, an orphan adopted by the Serbian army


This photograph was taken during war operations in the Kingdom of Serbia. It shows Momčilo Gavrić, a boy who lost his parents and was adopted by a regiment of the Drina Division, reporting to Major Stevan Tucović. Gavrić became the youngest lance sergeant in the Serbian army. After the end of the war, he was sent to school in England.

The photographer Risto Šuković took many photographs from this period, most of which are in the National Library of Serbia in a collection named Fight for Liberation. Šuković, a priest by vocation and photographer by profession, has recorded information about people, places and events on the back of his photographs.

Full title:
Sergeant Momčilo Gavrič at the age of 10, volunteer, whose parents were killed by the Austrians, reports with his comrade to the officer
Risto Sukovic
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Narodna Biblioteka Srbije