A History of Fidelity, a summary of Alsace-Lorraine's history


This pamphlet contains a summary of Alsace-Lorraine history since the 1870 war, from a Francophile point of view. It defends the idea that Alsace-Lorraine is a part of France brutalised by the Germans since 1871. It was illustrated by Hansi and Henri Zislin, both French and both imprisoned by Germany for their patriotic cartoons.

By 1914, Alsace-Lorraine had been part of the German Empire for 50 years. Most locals were resigned to the fact, but German authorities was still wary of the Alsatians. In France, Alsace-Lorraine was viewed as an idealised country, populated by an oppressed people who wanted to be French. The Alsace-Lorraine question was an important issue in post-war discussions.

Full title:
A history of fidelity
Jean-Jacques Waltz (Hansi) , Henri Zislin
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Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire de Strasbourg
© Hansi (pseudonym of Jean-Jacques Waltz) / Henri Zislin

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