India and the war, instructions for the press


In wartime it is common for Governments to try to control the flow of information being released to the general public. One way to do this is to give material to the Press which can be used in newspaper and magazine articles. This small pamphlet was issued to the Press by the British War Office, with the instruction that it was not to be reproduced, but was instead to form the basis for articles on the subject. 

The pamphlet is in four sections dealing with the military effort (distribution and organisation, and operations in France and Mesopotamia), the supply of food and war material (food, munitions, raw jute and sandbags, and hides), the financial effort, and help received from the ruling Chiefs of India. 

The aim of the pamphlet was to indicate how far India had assisted the Allied cause with men, money, food, and war material. For instance, the pamphlet claims that since the outbreak of war, India had supplied Britain with 25,000,000 cwts (or 2,800,000,000 lbs) of wheat!

Full title:
India and the war. War Office [Press briefing], [Oct 1917]
October, 1917
BritishWar Office
The War Office
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