Italian prisoners of war in Austria: impressions and memories




It was calculated that about 600,000 Italian soldiers were captured between 1915 and 1918. About half were captured during the Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo, also called the Battle of Caporetto, which took place from 24 October to 17 November 1917. The majority were deported to Mauthausen (Austria), Theresienstadt (Bohemia, now in the Czech Republic), Rastatt (southern Germany) and Celle (near Hanover in northern Germany).


Per quanto riguarda gli italiani, è stato calcolato che i soldati catturati tra il 1915 e il 1918 furono circa 600mila, la metà dei quali presi nei giorni della Dodicesima Battaglia dell'Isonzo. La maggior parte venne portata a Mauthausen, a Theresienstadt (Boemia), a Rastatt (Germania meridionale) ed a Celle (vicino Hannover).

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Italian prisoners of war in Austria: impressions and memories
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