Little knitting book - Edited by the Patriotic Women's Association in Germany


Work towards the war effort wasn’t only at the front line. Women at home knitted clothes to protect soldiers against icy winters, which in some cases caused more deaths than the hostilities. Huge numbers of knitted goods were sent to the Front together with gift parcels. These went to husbands, fathers and brothers in the trenches to support them from home.

The Little Knitting Book, released by the Patriotic Women’s Club, explains in words and pictures how to produce woollen hats, socks, chest or knee warmers, gloves, ear and wrist muffs. The fact these instructions were deemed worth printing in a stand-alone publication demonstrates the importance of the work. During the war knitting became a patriotic mission.


[partial transcription]

Knitting book

Published by
National women’s association, Königsberg, Nm.

Printed and commissioned by Gustav Reischel printing house, Königsberg, Nm.

Full title:
Little knitting book - Edited by the Patriotic Women's Association
Book / Manual / Photograph
Held by:
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
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Public Domain

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