Postcard by Adolf Loos about Oskar Kokoschka's injury


The Austrian architect Adolf Loos wrote this postcard to Herwarth Walden, a German Expressionist artist and a key promoter of German avant garde art in the early 20th century.

In it Loos describes how Oskar Kokoschka, an Austrian Expressionist artist and mutual friend, had been seriously wounded during a Russian attack while volunteering during World War One. Kokoschka suffered a bullet to the head and was stabbed in his lung, but survived.

Postcards were almost the only medium through which to communicate with families and friends during the war, and were thus very important for soldiers.


Herwarth Walden
Potsdamer Str. 134a

Dear Mr Walden,
I received your postcard of 25.9 yesterday on 12.10.
O.K. was caught up in battle after being in the
field for a month, on 29.8 during an attack
He was shot in the temple.
The shot pierced his auditory canal and
Full title:
Postcard by Adolf Loos about Oskar Kokoschka's injury
13 October, 1915
Adolf Loos
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