Letter from Goffredo Monti to Antonio Bruers 6 May 1917


Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma ARC.26 III MONTI G. 87: letter of Goffredo Monti to Antonio Bruers, May, 6, 1917. This is the second letter from Gottofredo Monti to Antonio Bruers. Here Monti, a young student, hopes that after the war a new kind of very brave people will rise. This was a common idea of both the left-wing and the right-wing promoters of the war: the pro-war socialists and the fascists of the 1920s.


Dear Antonio ,

A three day of your welcome . Do not apologize for being late several days to write , I should do the same . We have very little time available all two , each of us is taken from his war. My physical health is always excellent . If you take some rheumatic pain caused by water and moisture of the trench , if you take a bit ' of bronchitis despite widespread it a result of the hardships of life warrior, I

Full title:
Letter from Goffredo Monti to Antonio Bruers 6 May 1917
6 May, 1917
Letter / Manuscript
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Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma

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