Letter from Goffredo Monti to Antonio Bruers 14 April 1917


Goffredo Monti was a student who supported Italy’s entry into the war. We have very little information about him except for his letters. In this letter from the front (where he died some months later), he wrote of his disenchantment to Antonio Bruers (1887-1954). Bruers was a nationalist philosopher and man of letters, influenced by catholic thought, and later vice-chancellor of the Royal Italian Academy (1929-1943). Nevertheless, in this sad letter there is also the hope that the Russian Revolution, viewed as not incompatible with the democratic institutions, could be the last straw for Germany.


Dear Antonio,

Your Easter Wishes infinitely pleasant even if they arrived in late as you expected. But it doesn’t matter; what I care is not to be forget. You know how big is the need of a firm word of faith in me; only you can give it to me. I feel that if I should lose the faith in these chaotic moments it would be an irreparable fall. I tried to live a day, one single day outside from our law and I assure you that I could go crazy.

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Letter from Goffredo Monti to Antonio Bruers 14 April 1917
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