The little war child: Lullaby


The cover of this edition of songs by Emiel Siroux was drawn by the Belgian illustrator Henry-Valéry Vander Poorten (Valéry). It evokes a strong sense of life at home during the war. Siroux was a Belgian composer, pianist and teacher, and a student of Paul Gilson at the Brussels Conservatory.


To the Young mothers of 1914-1915
Poem by Marcel Breyne, prisoner of war in Soltau, 10th Regiment
Set to music by Emiel Siroux
Labor’s edition. 318 Bockstael Avenue, Laken-Brussels
Printed by J. De Vleesschouwer, Evere-Brussels
All rights reserved
Full title:
The little war child: Lullaby
J. De Vleesschouwer, Evere-Brussels
Music / Illustration
Held by:
Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België (Bibliotheque Royale de Belgique)
© Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België (Bibliotheque Royale de Belgique)

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