Manuscript of chapters 10 and 11 from Jane Austen's Persuasion


These two chapters are unique in being the only surviving manuscript pages of a novel Jane Austen planned and completed for publication. They offer an alternative ending to Persuasion and were finished, according to a note at the end of Chapter 11, on 18 July 1816. Austen subsequently became dissatisfied with this ending and rewrote the chapters, some time between 18 July and 6 August. The rewritten ending is the one that was published in the first edition of the novel in 1818.


[page] 1
July 6th
Chap[ter] 10.
With all this knowledge of Mr E[lliot]
& with this power of ^ authority to imparting it,
Anne quitted ^ left Westgate Build[ings] - her
mind deeply busy in revolving what she
had heard, feeling, thinking, recalling
& forseeing everything, shocked ^ at about
Mr Elliot she had asxxxx at Mr Elliot, sighing over future Kellynch
^ and pained for Lady Russell, & glancing with ^ & gxxxing unxxtting
complacency, or xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
composed complacency & xxxxxxxxxxxx
that suggest she xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
upon the fact of her passing xxxxxxxxxx

xight & Ladyxxingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthese most dis:
xxxxxting of the xxxxxxShe xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxLady Russell
^ whose confidence
^ in him had been entire. - But The Embarrass=
ment which must be felt from this
moment ^ hour in his presence! - How to be=
have to him? - how to get rid of him? -
What to do by any of the Party at
home? - where to be blind? where
to be active? - It was altogether a
confusion of Images & Doubts - a
perplexity, an Embarrassment ^ Agitation which
she could not see the end of it -
And she was in Gay St[reet] - & still so
far ^ much engrossed, as to start at ^ that she started on being
addressed by Adm[ira]l Croft, as if ^ he were a
Person unlikely to be met there.
Full title:
Manuscript of chapters 10 and 11 from 'Persuasion'
8-18 July 1816, written at Chawton, Hampshire
Manuscript / Draft
Jane Austen
Held by:
British Library
Egerton MS 3038

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