Our blue-jackets: A marine album


This illustrated propaganda leaflet was a humorous way of reinforcing the strength of Germany in the minds of its people. A soldier sits between two nurses saying: ‘In the Channel near the British Coast I didn’t have the heartthrob. But I’m having it now between these lovely nurses.’ Another drawing shows a marine with a fishing net standing on the light cruiser Emden of the Imperial German Navy. The caption says: ‘The draught of fish by the Emden’. In the net are several sunken British steamers: Chilka, Troilus, Benmohr and Clan Grant.

The German marine soldiers are shown as strong and fearless. They are glorified as national heroes, while Britain appears a weak enemy. In fact, the British fleet was superior to the German one.

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Our blue-jackets: A marine album
Illustration / Drawing / Photograph
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Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
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