Near to Oppacchiasella: a walkway




This photograph shows communication trenches protected by ballast and sandbags. These trenches were used to connect frontline trenches with reinforcement trenches. The town of Oppachiasella where it was taken, on the Carso, was destroyed by the war. The picture belongs to the photographic department of the Supreme Command of the Royal Italian Army, from an album entitled The War, in which the more ‘glorious’ memories of the war were illustrated.


Camminamenti protetti rinforzati da massicciate e sacchi di sabbia che servivano a tenire collegate le trincee di prima linea con quelle di ricalzo. Il paese di Oppachiasella sul Carso fu completamente distrutto dalla Guerra. Facevano parte dei grandi album "La Guerra" nei quali venivano documentati più "gloriosi" ricordi della guerra, come paesaggi, scene, armi, ecc.

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Near Oppacchiasella: a walkway
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