Paper balloon with proclamations is launched from Monte Piano


During World War One, Monte Piana was the site of warfare between Austria-Hungary and Italy, from 1915 to 1918. The 2,234-metre-high mountain plateau is in the Sexten Dolomites at the border between south Tyrol and Italy. Monte Piana is the name of its northern peak. The northern summit was occupied by the Austrians while the Italians occupied the southern summit. Today the plateau is an open-air museum, where you can still see the store facilities, trenches and tunnels of the war. For propaganda reasons leaflets were dropped by planes, balloons or with grenades over enemy lines. In the texts soldiers were usually prompted to surrender. They were promised they would be better treated as prisoners than in their own army as soldiers.

This photograph is from the collection of the Imperial and Royal War Press Bureau. The bureau was the propaganda department of the Austro-Hungarian army. This unique collection contains pictures of the war at the eastern and southeastern fronts, the back country and from all areas of the monarchy.

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Paper balloon with proclamations is launched from Monte Piano
1915 - 1918
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