Poems: New and old


Henry Newbolt’s early poems epitomised the spirit of Englishmen who, as schoolboys, learnt their values on the games field and carried those values with them in the service of their country and empire. Newbolt’s collection Poems: New and Old, was published in 1912 and brought together his earlier patriotic poems about England’s military victories which caught the temper of the times. The collection was subsequently reprinted six times during the war. Newbolt spent the war years working with a number of other prominent writers at the War Propaganda Bureau charged with the task of maintaining public support for the war. Today Newbolt is best remembered for his patriotic poem ‘Vitaï Lampada’ with its famous refrain ‘Play up! Play up! And play the game!’

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Poems: New and old
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Henry Newbolt
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