Postcard of German zeppelin that crashed on Fanø


Denmark managed to remain neutral during the First World War. However, because of its geographic position between Germany and England, Danish neutrality was violated on several occasions. In these cases Denmark had the obligation, according to international law, to detain foreign soldiers violating the Danish neutrality.

This picture shows the German Zeppelin L3 after crashing on the Danish island of Fanø. In January 1915 the airship took part in the first air raid on England and was hit by engine problems and bad weather during a reconnaissance mission over the North Sea. On February 17 that year the lieutenant commander Hans Fritz had to make a forced landing on Fanø after a failed attempt to reach the Zeppelin base by the town of Tønder. After the crash landing the airship was deliberately set on fire, and the crew was interned in Odense (island of Funen).


The burned out remains of the German Zeppelin L3 on the beach of the island of Fanø.
Length: 160 m.
Diameter: 17 m.
Net weight: 28.000 kg
4 petrol driven engines of 720 hp in total
4 mahogany propellers, each of 5 m. in diameter
Date of crash: February 17, 1915
Full title:
Postcard of German zeppelin that crashed on Fanø
Photograph / Postcard
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