Puzzle book for our warriors


This picture puzzle shows a soldier marching through the forest. But ‘Where is the franc-tireur [sharpshooter]?’ He’s not revealed until the picture is turned upside down. It’s one of more than 100 picture, word or number puzzles, crosswords, poems and chess problems in this book for soldiers, who often had long hours of waiting at the Front. It brought at least some variety and distraction to everyday life.

Such books were also used to spread propaganda. Well-hidden in the bushes, the franc-tireur is a symbol of the ‘free-shooters’, irregular and dangerous troops in the German-Prussian war 1870 to 1871. In World War One, many French and Belgian civilians were killed by German troops because they were suspected of being guerrilla snipers.


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A little puzzle book for our warriors

Full title:
Puzzle book for our warriors
Berlin : Verlag von Griebens Reiseführern (Albert Goldschmidt)
Book / Drawing
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Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin