She who has not died


What is the poem about?

Using simple language Sloński describes the nightmares of the war experienced by two symbolic brothers forced to be on opposite sides of the conflict. He concludes, however, on an optimistic note believing that Poland will rise as a free country out of the bloodshed.

Who is the author?

‘Ta, co nie zginęła’ (She who has not died) is one of the best war poems by Edward Sloński. A whole volume of his poetry (including ‘Ta, co nie zginęła’) was published under the same title in 1917. Sloński was a soldier in the Polish Legions fighting against Russia. He wrote patriotic poems about the struggle for Polish independence, which reflected the horrors of World War One. Poland, partitioned by Russia, Austria and Prussia in the 18th century, was the battlefield on which these opposing armies met during World War One. Poles were drafted into the armies of Russia, Austria-Hungary and Germany, and Sloński emphasises the tragedy of fellow countrymen fighting against each other.

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She who has not died
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