Shell manufacture in one of André Citroën's factories



The war of movement failed in October 1914, after which trench warfare set in. It became evident that all available men would have to be mobilised to replace initial losses suffered by the French army. The French female workforce, as in all the warring nations, thus became essential to the effort. This photograph was taken in a factory dedicated to the production of shells.


A partir d’octobre 1914 et l’échec de la guerre de mouvement, il devient évident que le conflit s’installe dans la durée et impose la mobilisation de l’intégralité des classes d’âge disponibles afin de combler les pertes militaires françaises des deux premiers mois de guerre. La main-d’œuvre féminine devient dès lors indispensable au fonctionnement de l’économie de guerre.

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Shell manufacture in one of André Citroën's factories
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