Spare Rib magazine issue 001


Issue 1 of Spare Rib sets the tone for this ground-breaking feminist magazine with an editorial aimed at raising awareness of women’s liberation. The front page photograph of two relaxed, smiling women is intentionally in contrast to mainstream women’s magazines of the time which concentrated on beauty products and household issues. Articles on the first women’s refuge and concerns about women in the penal system are good examples of this new magazine’s focus.

Full title:
Spare Rib magazine issue 001
July 1972
Spare Rib Collective
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British Library

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Violence against women

Article by:
Aimee Treasure
Rights and justice

Rape and violence against women were key themes of women’s liberation. Spare Rib raised awareness of the ineffectiveness of the police and judicial system around securing convictions in cases of rape and domestic violence.

Design and Spare Rib

Article by:
Marsha Rowe
Arts and culture

The design of Spare Rib makes it instantly recognisable. With its distinctive style and format it looked like a women’s magazine while also being challenging and radical. Co-founder, Marsha Rowe, explains how the original design of the magazine was created.

Campaigns and Spare Rib

Article by:
Louise Kimpton Nye
Rights and justice

Campaigning was at the heart of Spare Rib’s mission, galvanising the movement to take action and demand better lives for all women. This article looks at some of the key campaigns championed by Spare Rib, which included support for the wives of striking miners; the Greenham Common peace protesters; women in prison; and victims of rape and domestic violence.

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