St Dominic's Boys Total Abstinence Sodality souvenir card


This is a souvenir card belonging to an Indian soldier named Munshi Ram, who attempted to send it in a letter from the Indian Hospital at Brighton Pavilion to India. It was intercepted by Captain E B Howell, the Censor of Indian Mail, whose job it was to monitor the incoming and outgoing mail of the Indian soldiers stationed in France and England. 

Howell was concerned that cards with Christian prayers and imagery being sent to India by Sikh, Muslim or Hindu sepoys could accidentally cause problems, and could be used by anti-British agitators to stir up unrest in India. He sent the card to General Sir Edmund Barrow, Military Secretary to the India Office, with the comment that his office spent hours every day cutting the headings off YMCA paper which the Indian soldiers liked to use for writing their letters.

Full title:
St Dominic's Boys Total Abstinence Sodality souvenir card
Held by:
British Library
IOR/L/MIL/5/825/1 f.46

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