Statements by wounded Indians who were prisoners of war in Germany


These statements were forwarded to the India Office by Lt Col J N MacLeod, Commander of the Indian General Hospital, Pavillion & Dome, Brighton on 23rd September 1915. 

The Indian soldiers, named Ram Nath Singh of the 9th Bhopal Infantry, Sepoy Sarbajit Gurung of 1/1 Gurkhas, and Chundra Parsad Pun of 2/3 Gurkhas, give accounts of how they were wounded and captured in France, and their experiences as prisoners of war. Ram Nath Singh recounts how he came to meet the Kaiser, who was visiting the hospital in Germany where he was being treated! 

The soldiers seem to have been treated well and received a good standard of medical care. By September 1915, the three soldiers had been returned to England and were recovering in the Indian General Hospital in Brighton.

Full title:
Statements by three wounded Indians who were prisoners of war in Germany
1914 - 1915
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