The Link: a book by British prisoners of war at Doeberitz, Germany


This ‘souvenir book’ is the work of British prisoners of war interned at Döberitz near Berlin. Although dedicated to ‘our friends and benefactors’, the book’s anecdotes and cartoons of camp life and in-jokes about living conditions and well-known characters in the closed world of Döberitz suggest that its true audience was the internees themselves. The introductory essay about life in ‘Doberidge’ sets the tone of upbeat humour tinged with occasional melancholy. Curiously there is little mention of the Germans either as prison guards or as the wartime enemy, and the book’s military anecdotes focus more on peacetime service in the colonies than on the war currently being waged.

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The Link: a souvenir book published by British prisoners of war interned at Doeberitz, Germany, 1914-17
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