French poster 'The voice of the ruins'


This poster was released in March 1918 in an educational review. It is of particular interest as it expresses a widely shared public opinion in France at the time: Germany was responsible for the war and should therefore pay reparations for the destruction caused on French soil.


A voice is rising from the devastated earth, from the destroyed orchards, from the burnt factories, from our crushed villages, from the collapsed walls and from the deserted ghost cities. This voice is neither harrowing nor lyrical or even frightening. This voice is something quiet and merciless: it is just the voice of the Right claiming compensations regarding the facts.
Full title:
French poster 'La voix des ruines' [The voice of the ruins] by Victor Prouvé
March, 1918
Poster / Drawing
Victor Prouvé
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Bibliothèque Nationale de France
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