What is this?

This book was published in London by the Dominion of Canada News Co. and it looks at the roles played by women in the First World War. Beginning with articles on the involvement of the Royal Family in the war the publication quickly moves to look at how Canadian women are involved in the war. It notes the large numbers who have travelled from Canada to work as nurses and gives attention to how women are filling the roles left by men who have gone to the front; working in factories, on farms, as train conductors and much more.

Canadian women and the war

As in Britain, the war and the increased public role women played as a result had significant effects on the development of an egalitarian society. Although it is worth noting that Canada was ahead of Britain in terms of its views on women’s suffrage the war period was still a time of significant change – Manitoba granted full women’s suffrage in 1916 and by 1921 Agnes Campbell Macphail had become the first woman elected to the Canadian House of Commons.