Richard Penn Maxims and Hints for an Angler
(Murray, 1833)
C.188.a.23       18.5x11.5 cm

An early example of gold blocking on blue morocco grain cloth

Maxims & Hints
cloth embossing machine
  Publishers' bookbindings


Cloth came into general use, and surface decoration via embossing designs developed. Morocco grain was introduced in 1830, watered or moiré cloth in1831, ribbed grain in the early 1830s, and diaper grain around 1833.

1832 Gold blocking onto cloth introduced by Archibald Leighton.

Case binding became common. Decoration for the whole cover (upper and lower covers and spine) could be mechanically stamped in one operation using a blocking press.

1839 First example of an unsewn (gutta percha or caoutchouc) publisher's binding where the pages were stuck together. These were the fore-runners of the modern paperback. .
[small illustration - A cloth embossing machine
PP6000 b1]