R. L. Stevenson
Treasure Island
(Cassell, 1883)
C.71.c.18   19x11 cm

'So exciting and engrossing that it must be mentioned, but bringing the reader into rough company, among a good many horrors.'
(Charlotte M. Yonge What Books to Lend and What to Give. 1887)
Treasure Island
  Children’s books

Robert Louis Stevenson was thirty-one when he wrote Treasure Island (originally called 'The sea cook'), reading each new chapter aloud to his father and young stepson, Lloyd Osbourne. The story created little impression when it was serialised in Young Folks between October 1881 and January 1882, but its publication in book form in 1883 made Stevenson's reputation. The frontispiece, showing a 'facsimile' map of the island, was the only illustration in the first edition; the first fully illustrated edition appeared in 1885.