George Cruikshank `Fagin in the condemned cell', from Charles Dickens Oliver Twist (Bentley, 1838)
Dex.290   20 x 12.5 cm

` is not drawn with the free lines of a free man; it has the half-witted secrecies of a hunted thief. It does not look merely like a picture of Fagin; it looks like a picture by Fagin.' (G. K. Chesterton Charles Dickens, 1906)

Fagin condemned
  Victorian book illustration

This celebrated illustration, printed with black ink only, has the typical crisp, cool 'grey', feeling of a steel engraving. Crosshatching and etching have been used extensively to contrast the dark and light areas of the picture, and to emphasise the window bars, the terrified figure, the daylight falling onto the floor, and to suggest the gloomy atmosphere inside the room.