T. S. Boys Picturesque Architecture in Paris, Ghent, Antwerp and Rouen,
(Thomas Boys, 1839)
650.b.6      53.5x36.5 cm

Picturesque Architecture
  Lithography in the Victorian age

In 1839 Hullmandel used his increasing skill in printing graduated colours to produce one of the finest examples of colour lithography, Thomas Shotter Boys' Picturesque Architecture in Paris, Ghent, Antwerp, Rouen. Boys (1803-74) was a watercolour artist who developed an interest in lithography, achieving remarkably subtle effects with his careful use of different tints. In the preface he notes that these were quite different from the opaque colours and unvarying intensity of hues used by others for 'mere decorative subjects' - seemingly a reference to the quite different work of Owen Jones.