Ford Madox Brown 'The Prisoner of Chillon', from The Poets of the Nineteenth Century, edited by R. A. Willmott
(Routledge, 1857)
1347.l.10   12.5x9.5 cm

Wood-engraved by the Dalziel Brothers

The Prisoner of Chillon
  Black and white wood-engraved illustration, 1855-1870

Like Hunt, Brown made only a small number of book illustrations, of which 'The Prisoner of Chillon' is probably the most memorable. He spent no less than twenty-eight hours in a mortuary, studying the gradual process of the decomposition of a corpse, before translating his observations into this chilling design. In his diary he recorded that the Dalziels paid him £8 for the drawing - a small proportion of the £1,000 they received from the publisher, Routledge, for producing the illustrations for the book.