George John Pinwell 'The island bee', from Wayside Posies, edited by Robert Buchanan
(Routledge, 1867)
C.194.b.17      18.5x14 cm

Wood-engraved by Dalziel Brothers

The island bee
  Black and white wood-engraved illustration, 1855-1870

Pinwell (1842-75) was a leading exponent of the 'Idyllic' School. Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites such as Houghton and North, he developed the realistic style which they initiated, with its characteristic sincerity of feeling and close adherence to the text. Robert Buchanan's Wayside Posies was the last, and one of the most distinguished, of the Dalziel's Fine Art gift books, published for the Christmas market in 1866.