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A purchase of books in 1615

M. A. E. Nickson


WHILE making a study of manuscript annotations and marks of provenance in English incunabula for the forthcoming volume of B.M.G. xi, I was pleasantly surprised to come upon a priced list of twenty-three books, transcribed below, in a copy of the English translation of Cicero's De Senectute printed by Caxton in 1481 (Duff 103; BL, IB.55046 = C.10.b.6). Few priced lists of books have survived from the beginning of the seventeenth century and the item is therefore interesting on its own account; this interest is, of course, greatly enhanced by the inclusion in the list of an identifiable copy of a book printed by Caxton (i.e. the 1481 Cicero itself).

A purchase of books in 1615 (PDF format), 3.11MB

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