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The Electronic British Library Journal

1983 articles

  1. Printing with gold in the fifteenth century
    Victor Carter, Lotte Hellinga, and Tony Parker with photographs by Jane Mullane

  2. The Mainz indulgences of 1454/5: a review of recent scholarship
    Janet Ing

  3. A leaf from a Gutenberg Bible illuminated in England
    Eberhard König

  4. Bagford and Sloane
    Margaret Nickson

  5. The use of William Caxton's type 3 by John Lettou and William de Machlinia in the printing of their Yearbook 35 Henry VI, c.1481-1482
    W. J. Partridge

  6. Was Jacques Le Forestier the printer of the Horae Ad Usum Sarum of 1495?
    Ursula Baurmeister

  7. Recent acquisitions: Department of Oriental Manuscripts and Printed Books: manuscript acquisitions 1976

  8. Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: acquisitions, German Section
    D. L. Paisey

  9. The composition of the manuscript of Christine de Pizan's Collected Works in the British Library: a reassessment
    Sandra Hindman

  10. Early Ottoman miniature painting: two recently acquired manuscripts in the British Library
    Norah M. Titley

  11. Antonio de Sancha, 1720-1790: a tentative list of holdings in the reference division of the British Library
    H. G. Whitehead

  12. Fernando Pessoa, poet, publisher, and translator
    R. W. Howes

  13. Manifestations of Arthur Waley: some bibliographical and other notes
    Francis A. Johns

  14. A mysterious Italian newsletter of 1517
    D. E. Rhodes

  15. An anonymous guidebook to Rome, 1677
    D. E. Rhodes

  16. Department of Printed Books: acquisitions 1982-March 1983: English books 1501-1800
    Jean Archibald and M. J. Jannetta