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The Electronic British Library Journal

1995 articles

  1. Further notes on Samaritan typography
    Alan D. Crown

  2. The story of my library
    Moses Gaster

  3. Charles II's Hebrew books
    David Goldstein

  4. A 'catalogue of Hebrew printers'
    Brad Sabin Hill

  5. The India Office manuscript of Maimonides's guide: the earliest complete copy in the Judaeo-Arabic original
    V. Tzvi Langermann

  6. A supplementary list of Judaeo-Persian manuscripts
    Vera Basch Moreen

  7. Yiddish manuscripts in the British Library
    Leonard Prager and Brad Sabin Hill

  8. C. D. Ginsburg and the Shapira Affair: a nineteenth-century Dead Sea Scroll controversy
    Fred N. Reiner

  9. A Hebrew manuscript of Clavicula Salomonis, Part II
    Claudia Rohrbacher-Sticker

  10. Alec Hyatt King (1911-1995)

  11. A new English keyboard manuscript of the seventeenth century: autograph music by Draghi and Purcell
    Christopher Hogwood

  12. An early eighteenth-century manuscript of harpsichord music: William Babell and Handel's 'Vo' far guerra'
    Graham Pont

  13. A book of cantatas and arias bought in Florence, 1723
    Reinhard Strohm

  14. 'The art of dancing, demonstrated by characters and figures': French and English sources for court and theatre dance, 1700-1750
    Moira Goff

  15. John Field: the 'hidden manuscripts' and other sources in the British Library
    Robin Langley

  16. From Purcell to Wardour Street: a brief account of music manuscripts from the Library of Vincent Novello now in the British Library
    Chris Banks

  17. Mátyás Seiber's collaboration in Adorno's jazz project, 1936
    Nick Chadwick

  18. Music Library: notable acquisitions 1985-1994
    M. Turner