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The Electronic British Library Journal

2018 articles

  1. The British Library, Europeana 1914-1918 and the Memorialization of the Great War
    Jeremy Jenkins (notes)
  2. The Shorthand of Robert Willis, Physician-in-Extraordinary to King George III
    Timothy Underhill (notes) and Timothy Peters (notes)
  3. Sir Robert Knolles and the Patronage of the Carmelite Missal (Add. MSS.29704-5, 44892): Assessing the Visual Evidence
    Alexander Collins (notes)
  4. The 'Continuation' of the Thomason Tracts? The British Museum's 'Political Tracts' Series of Pamphlets Relating to English Political History, 1542–1807
    Edward Taylor (notes)
  5. A Fragmentary Draft as the Groundwork for Bloodthirsty 'Sir Cauline' in Thomas Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry: British Library, Add. MS. 39547, f. 157v
    Minoru Mihara (notes)
  6. Parody Playbills: The Politics of the Playbill in Britain in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
    James Gregory (notes)
  7. Samuel Doody and his Books
    David Thorley (notes)
  8. Disembodied: Additional MS. 8785 and the Tradition of Human Organ Depictions in Medieval Art and Medicine
    Taylor McCall (notes)
  9. Reading Between the Lines: Sir George Smart's Annotated Programmes for Manchester's 1836 Musical Festival
    Rachel Johnson (notes)
  10. Provenance Confirmed for the Dismembered Breviary of the Cathedral of Agen (1297-1313): Add. MS. 42132
    Émilie Nadal (notes)
  11. The Watermarks on the Northumberland Manuscript and Hand D: Research Findings and Reflections on the Shakespeare Authorship Question
    John Casson (notes)

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