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British Library eBook Treasures

The British Library's remarkable 'eBook Treasures' series allows users to explore some of the British Library's most treasured manuscripts in detail, together with text, video and audio interpretation. Additionally the series is now available as an iPad app, and as a Windows 8 app. It can be found in the App Store on iTunes and in the Windows Store, under Books and Reference.

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Latest releases

The Lindisfarne Gospels is one of the most magnificent manuscripts of the early Middle Ages and was written and decorated around 700. To celebrate the opening of the Lindisfarne Gospels Durham exhibition we have now made the manuscript available as eBook Treasures facsimile editions. A highlights version is available as well as the complete manuscript and both contain commentary and audio on selected pages. The highlights version is £1.99, and the complete version of over 500 pages is available for £3.49.

Full list of published titles

buy this The Lindisfarne Gospels (highlights versions) £1.99
buy this The Lindisfarne Gospels (complete version) £3.49
buy this The Holkham Bible £4.99
buy this Diogo Homem, The Queen Mary Atlas £2.99
buy this Lewis Carroll's Alice’s Adventures Under Ground (complete version) £6.99
buy this The Bedford Hours (complete version) £8.99
buy this The Golden Haggadah (complete version) £4.99
buy this Jane Austen's History of England (complete version) £4.99
buy this Rukn al-Din Baybars al-Jashnagir & Sandal, Sultan Baybars' Qur'an (highlights version) £4.99
buy this William Blake's Notebook (complete version) £4.99
buy this Jean Mallard, Henry VIII's Psalter (complete version) £4.99
buy this Medieval Bestiary (highlights version) £4.99
buy this Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Arundel (complete version) £6.99
buy this George Frideric Handel, Messiah (complete version) £6.99
buy this Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Musical Diary (complete version) £6.99
buy this William Shakespeare's First Folio (complete version) £8.99
Individual plays are also available for £1.99 each
buy this Gerardus Mercator's Atlas of Europe (complete version) £4.99
buy this Luttrell Psalter (complete version) £6.99
buy this William Tyndale, The New Testament (complete version) £8.99

How do I get them?

eBook Treasures are available for download worldwide* from the iBookstore, and as an app in the App Store on iTunes.

Our eBook Treasures series is now available as a Windows 8 app, find it in the Windows Store under Books and Reference.

Selected titles are also available for Kindle Fire.

eBook Treasures are created by the British Library in partnership with Armadillo Systems.

*eBookTreasures are available in all iBookStore supported territories

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