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African American History and Life: 1877-1954: a Selective Guide to Materials in the British Library
Jean Kemble

Since the civil rights movement of the 1960s, African American history, once the preserve of a few dedicated individuals, has experienced an expansion unprecedented in historical research. The effect of this on-going, scholarly 'explosion', in which both black and white historians are actively engaged, is both manifold and wide-reaching for in illuminating myriad aspects of African American life and culture from the colonial period to the very recent past it is simultaneously, and inevitably, enriching our understanding of the entire fabric of American social, economic, cultural and political history.

Perhaps not surprisingly the depth and breadth of coverage received by particular topics and time-periods has so far been uneven. Slavery and the civil rights movement have benefited from enormous attention; indeed one historian notes that in the 1970s the historiography of the former witnessed 'something like an earthquake'. Standing in contrast, however, the period between Reconstruction and Brown v Board of Education remains relatively underdeveloped.

This guide is intended as a bibliographical tool for all those seeking an introduction to this period. With the notable exceptions of music and literature, it addresses most aspects of African American life and history: education, politics, race relations, religion, women and work are particularly well covered.

The guide includes both periodicals and monographs; the shelf-mark for the latter is included in parentheses at the end of each citation. The majority of works are housed at the British Library at St Pancras, London. A shelf-mark prefaced by 'DSC' indicates that the work is held at Boston Spa but may be read in London.

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