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An Era of Change: Contemporary UK-US-West European Relations: a Guide to Materials in the British Library
Jean Kemble

The European continent has recently undergone a period of change unprecedented since World War II. In Eastern Europe both the republics comprising the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the nation states once dominated by the Soviet Union, are taking their first tentative steps towards the establishment of democratic government and participation in a free market economy. In Western Europe the changes have not required the loss of lives, yet they too have exposed old tensions and rivalries, as the members of the Economic Community attempt to move towards greater political and economic union.

In light of these events, critics on both sides of the Atlantic have been reassessing the political, economic, and strategic relations between the United States and Western Europe. For fifty years the United States has played a central role in determining the defence policies of Western Europe, and the two regions have been firmly connected economically. However, the end of the Cold War has brought the US military involvement under scrutiny, whilst "Europe 1992" and the new ties between Eastern and Western Europe, have raised many questions about the economic implications of these changes for the United States.

This bibliography is intended as a resource for scholars, students and general readers interested in both the recent developments in UK-US-West European relations, and the critiques and commentaries on the future of this relationship. For those who are familiar with the recent publications the bibliography will serve as a guide to the materials held in the British Library's collections. For those who are less familiar with the field the bibliography will provide an overview of the subject area.

With regard to the selection of the materials, it was decided that works that clearly included the United Kingdom in their treatment of western Europe would be listed, while those that focused almost exclusively on the relationship between other European nations and the United States would be omitted. The bibliography is divided according to types of materials: monographs; articles; conference proceedings; reports; and .official publications of the United Kingdom and the United States. All of these materials are in English. The quantity of newspaper articles on this subject rendered their inclusion impossible. However, a list of the National Newspaper Library's current holdings, as well as the indexes and online services available there has been included.

The entries in this bibliography include their location and identifying code. The monographs, which are all held at St Pancras, include their shelf-mark. The periodical articles have been assigned a code which indicates their location at either St Pancras, Boston Spa (Document Supply) or Colindale. At the end of the periodicals chapter is a list of the shelf-marks of the St Pancras holdings. The Document Supply shelf-mark is given for conference proceedings and reports held at Boston Spa. The official publications may be consulted at St Pancras in the Official Publications and Social Sciences Service Reading Room. The United Kingdom materials are generally held on the open shelves, while those of the United States are available on microfiche.

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