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Eccles Centre Visiting Professorship, Fellowships And Postgraduate Awards

The awards to help support scholars wishing to visit London to use the British Library’s collections relating to North America for this year have now been made. For the 2015 competition the following awards were offered:

  • One Visiting Professor Award of £7000 is offered to help support three months of research at the British Library by a senior scholar from the USA or Canada.
  • One Visiting US Fellow Award of £2500 is offered to help support one month of research at the British Library by a senior scholar from the USA.
  • One Visiting Canadian Fellow Award of £2500 is offered to help support one month of research at the British Library by a senior scholar from Canada.
  • UK researchers from outside the M25 corridor may apply for one of five postdoctoral Visiting Fellowships, which offer £2250 to support at least one month of research at the Library.
  • UK-based doctoral students may apply for a Postgraduate Student Award of £600 to support research visits to the Library.
  • Researchers normally resident outside the UK in a country that has membership of EAAS may apply for the postdoctoral Eccles Centre Visiting European Fellowship (which offers £2500 to support at least one month’s research at the Library) or the European Postgraduate Award of £800 to support research visits to the British Library.

The administration of these Awards is managed by the British Association for American Studies. The award holders are required to acknowledge the support received in any resulting publications, and will submit a brief written report and a financial report support by receipts, to the Eccles Centre and to BAAS at the end of the Award period.

Candidates should note that no extra funding will be available in addition to the award. Candidates must ensure that they have sufficient funds to cover their own needs and the needs of any dependants during their stay. Award holders from outside the UK are individually responsible for fulfilling any regulatory requirements to enter the UK. None of the organisations or individuals connected with this award are in a position to arrange travel or organise accommodation for award holders.

Candidates were asked to submit a brief CV and a document outlining the nature of the North American Studies research they propose to undertake at the British Library (total number of pages should not exceed four).

Applicants will be notified of the outcome in due course. Any queries should be sent to:

The 2016 competition will be advertised in the autumn of 2015.

Read about the current award holders and previous recipients here.

Fulbright-British Library Eccles Centre Scholar Award 2015-16

The award will be offered to a U.S. Scholar who would undertake research at the British Library’s Eccles Centre for American Studies collection relating to North America (the U.S. and Canada) for a period of six months. If available, the scholar may have the opportunity to take part in program events and/or seminars. Grants may begin any time after September 1, 2015 but before April 30, 2016.

The deadline for applications has passed. The announcement of the outcome will be made shortly.

For full details of the award and application process please consult the US Fulbright Scholar Catalog of Awards 2015-16.

Eccles Centre Special Fellowships and Awards

Eccles Centre Photography Fellowship

Photographer Ander McIntyre is the current holder of a two-year Eccles Centre Photography Fellowship, 2013-2015. Ander specializes in portraiture and is building an archive of Eccles Centre speakers, fellows and Writers in Residence. His work can be viewed at

Eccles Centre Doctoral Awards

Rosanna White (Royal Holloway University London). The first year of a PhD studentship on ‘Explorations and Geopolitics in the Polar Regions’, co-supervised by Dr Philip Hatfield.

Eleanor Bird (Sheffield University). The second year of a PhD on the representation of slavery in Canada, co-supervised by Dr Philip Hatfield.

Eccles Centre Garrison Keillor Fellowship

The Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library invited applications for the Garrison Keillor Fellowship.

This was a one-off award of £2,250 for travel and other expenses connected with the award-holder's research visit to work at the British Library in London. The Garrison Keillor Fellowship was open to both post-graduates and post-doctoral scholars normally resident in the UK.

Projects proposed by applicants could be in any discipline but related in some way to the American Mid-West. The projects entail the use of the British Library collections, and the award holders are be expected to be in research residence at the British Library for a minimum of one month. The project must be completed before September 30th 2013.

The award winners are Dr Marina Moskowitz and Dr Alexander T. Smith.

The Eccles Centre is pleased to acknowledge the support of the US Embassy for this award.

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