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American Slavery: Pre-1866 Imprints
Jean Kemble

Slavery existed on American soil from the colonial period until the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865 and contemporary sources of information about this "peculiar institution" include slave narratives, journals and tracts published by abolitionist societies, political speeches, religious sermons, newspaper articles and advertisements, travellers' reports and works of fiction. American Slavery: pre-1866 imprints is intended to introduce the reader to such sources held by the British Library and, while not presuming to be comprehensive, it may encourage an appreciation of the wide variety of materials available. It is arranged alphabetically by personal or institutional author. Anonymous works are entered under the title as well as the presumed author where known and periodicals should be sought under their title, although for some works cross-references will be made to the issuing society or association. Speeches by Congressmen have in general been omitted since these are traceable in other sources. There are two indexes. The first combines subjects, personal and institutional names. The second identifies materials by type e.g. sermons, periodicals and slave narratives.

arrow American Slavery: Pre-1866 Imprints (PDF format), 575KB

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