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United States Immigration, 1941-2001: a Guide to Materials in the British Library
Jean Kemble

This bibliographic guide covers immigration to the United States between 1941- 2001. Unlike the previous century, during which the vast majority of immigrants were European, these newer immigrants have come primarily from Central America and Southeast Asia. Many have entered the United States to escape the violent conflicts and ensuing chaos in their own countries (conflicts in which the United States has often been involved). Others, like millions before them, have simply sought a better standard of living and brighter future for their children.

This guide is intended as a bibliographical tool for those seeking an introduction to this period of American immigration. It is by no means comprehensive. It should, however, provide a solid foundation for initial exploration as well as a platform for further research.

The guide is divided into several sections. The first covers broad topics such as work, illegal immigration, education, and public opinion. The second is divided according to immigrant group. The third provide a geographic breakdown by state (although not all states are represented).

All of the works listed are monographs and their shelf-marks appear in parentheses at the end of each entry. The majority of works are held at the British Library at St Pancras, London. A shelf-mark prefaced by ‘DSC’ indicates that the work is held at the Document Supply service in Boston Spa, Yorkshire, but may be ordered for reading in London.

arrow United States Immigration, 1941-2001 (PDF format), 354KB

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