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The United States and the Vietnam War: a Guide to Materials at the British Library
Jean Kemble

It would be difficult to overstate the impact on the United States of the war in Vietnam. Not only did it expose the limits of U.S. military power and destroy the consensus over post-World War II foreign policy, but it acted as a catalyst for enormous social, cultural and political upheavals that still resonate in American society today.

This guide is intended as a bibliograhical tool for all those seeking an introduction to the vast literature that has been written on this subject. It covers the reasons behind American intervention in Vietnam, the role of Congress, the Executive and the media, the response of the American public, particularly students, to the escalation of the war, and the war's legacy upon American politics, culture and foreign policy. It also addresses the experiences of those individuals affected directly by the war: Vietnam veterans and the Indochinese refugees. It does not include works that deal solely with the military aspects of the war, nor does it include periodical or newspaper articles.

The shelf-mark for all works is given in parentheses at the end of each citation. Most works are housed at the British Library building at St Pancras, London. A shelf-mark prefaced by 'DSC' indicates that the work is held at Boston Spa, but may be read at St Pancras. For works prefaced 'SPIS' readers should seek assistance in the Social Policy Information Services reading room at St Pancras.

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