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Map electronic resources: alphabetical by title

Except where stated, titles listed here are only available within the Library's Reading Rooms - access from outside the Library is not available owing to licensing reasons.

If you do not find the resource you are looking for, see:

Networked titles are available on the Maps Reading Room Multimedia PC.
Other CD-ROMs are available on the standalone PC in the Maps Reading Room.

Networked and online titles

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Brief description
Antique Map Price Record This regularly-updated catalog of antiquarian map sales contains price records back to 1982, with bibliographic descriptions, information on suppliers, condition reports, and links to digitised versions where available. Contents reflect the merging of two resources: Antique Map Price Record and, in 2012.
online subscription resource
British Library Map Catalogue on CD-ROM A catalogue of the Library's cartographic resources to 1997 CD-ROM resource
Columbia Gazetteer of the World online Including both modern and historical place names, this site gives locations for places throughout the world. It usually includes a description of the place and its history as well. online subscription resource
Congressional Serial Set Digital Edition, 1817-1994, Maps Search and view the maps published as part of U.S. Congressional Serial Set publications. Though focus is on U.S. locations, there is worldwide coverage of variuos themes. online subscription resource
A scholarly index providing abstracts and bibliographic citations for journal publications, covering the field of Geography as well as other disciplines. 1980 to present. online subscription resource
Google Earth
(Maps RR only)
Remotely-sensed imagery of the world, to various levels of resolution and currency. (Medium resolution for the world- 15 meters per pixel - and 1 foot/1 meter for some urban areas; captured by satellite or aircraft in the last three years). online subscription resource
Medieval Travel Writing
A database of scanned late medieval manuscripts of European travel writing from libraries around the world. The geographic focus is on journeys to central Asia and the Far East, but fantastical travels are also described. online subscription resource
Ordnance Survey (OS) digital data (Maps RR only) Seamless, interactive mapping of Great Britain - at scales of 1:1250 for urban areas, 1:2500 for rural areas and 1:10000 for moorland - supplied by this UK national mapping agency. Annual snapshots from 1998 onwards.
online subscription resource
Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) digital data (Maps RR only) Seamless, large scale, interactive mapping of Northern Ireland, supplied by this UK national mapping agency. Available "annually" from 2004 onwards.
online subscription resource
Ordnance Surveyors' Drawings Scans of the original large-scale drawings made for the OS one-inch-to-the-mile maps, compiled between the 1780s and 1840. Graphic map index.
This resource is freely available on the Internet. High-quality digital images may be viewed in the Maps Reading Room.
online subscription resource
Maps in the Atlases of the British Library (index) The electronic index to accompany Maps in the atlases of the British Library : a descriptive catalogue c. AD 850-1800 (Maps Ref Z.2.(6). and YC 2005.b.462) by Rodney Shirley. There is no conventional printed index in the book. CD-ROM resource
NewsBank maps A collection of very general world, country, continent, and region maps; three versions of each: political, physical, and black & white (without text). online subscription resource
Roy Military Survey of Scotland, 1747-1755 A joint project of the National Library of Scotland and the British Library, this free interactive mapping tool allows searching and viewing of the 18th-century manuscript treasure.
This resource is freely available on the Internet. High-quality digital images may be viewed in the Maps Reading Room.
online subscription resource
The Statesman's Yearbook online Provides current political, social and economic information and statistics about all the nation states of the world; updated monthly. NB : In order to satisfy the conditions of use laid down by the publisher, you must read the licence agreement available here before using the database. online subscription resource
U.S. Congressional Serial Set Maps, 1817-1980 See Congressional Serial Set Digital Edition, 1817-1994, Maps. online subscription resource

CD-ROM titles available in the Maps Reading Room

For use on standalone. Please ask at the Maps enquiry desk for details and assistance.

Brief description
CD Code
AA MileMaster Route Planner for Britain Interactive application for planning driving routes in Britain. Scales range from 1:25 000 to 1:250 000.
A to B Britain: Journey Planner Route planner for Great Britain produced by AA
AGMAPS Horticulture land capability maps of the Swan coastal plain in Western Australia
Altea Antique Maps Catalogue Catalogue of antique maps from 1999 to 2001
Anquet 25k Great Britain Regional CD-ROMs (v.06) Ordnance Survey digital maps (OS Explorer series, 1:25,000) and high-definition aerial photography (with the exception of titles covering regions in Scotland) for all of mainland Great Britain. Desktop
Atlas de Colombia Maps and photos of Colombia (in Spanish)
Atlas of Australia Detailed maps of Australia, seven states and five capital cities from Hema maps
Atlas of Russian City Maps Maps of 73 cities in the Russian Federation
Atlas Schoemaker: images of Dutch towns and villages in the 18th century An excellent digitised version of a famous 17th century Dutch atlas on six CDs
AutoRoute Express 2000 Europe
Road atlas and route planning for Europe from Microsoft
Autoroute Express 2000 Great Britain
Road atlas and route planning for Great Britain from Microsoft
Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman world map by map directory Directory in PDF format of maps of the Greek and Roman world.
Bartholomew Euro maps on CD-ROM Bartholomew European raster database basemaps. Runs on Arc- Explorer or Mapinfo Proviewer.
Climate Atlas of the Contiguous United States GIS atlas containing datasets for all types of weather with climatic statistics.
Congressional District Atlas of the United States Maps and tables cover all 50 states, District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
Domesday Explorer Contains the modern Phillimore translation of the Great Domesday Book, edited by John Morris; high resolution images of the Latin manuscript; mapping of all the searches; searchable indexes; search, navigation and management tools.


Edward Stanford's Library Map of London and its Suburbs Digitised version of a large scale map of London from 1862 with full street index
Geologic Map of the Ontonagon part of the Wakefield 30' x 60' Quadrangles Michigan A digital representation of a USGS geologic map
Gerardus Mercator - Atlas sive Cosmographicae Meditationes de Fabrica Mundi et Fabricati Figura High Resolution digitised version of Gerardus Mercator's famous 1595 Atlas
Global GIS Database: Digital Atlas of Central and South America Layered GIS database at a nominal scale of 1:1,000,000 of South America. Themes include political boundaries, elevation, geology, hydrology, land use, population density as well as many others.
GT Suomi: Genimap Paikannuskartta Road map of Finland
An Historical Atlas of Islam Accompanies a book at Maps Ref .B.7 (world) (16.) and includes maps showing the spread of Islam from its beginnings to the present day.
Imagens do arquivo virtual de cartografia urbana portuguesa Town plans and topographical views from Portugal and Brazil from 1500 to 1800
The Image of the World: an interactive exploration of ten historic world maps Based on the BL exhibition "The earth and the heavens: the art of the mapmaker", 1995.
The Imperial War Museum Trench Map Archive on CD-ROM The British section of the Western Front, 1914-18, is covered on 175 large scale trench maps. Naval & Military Press in association with the Imperial War Museum
Indexes to John Tallis's London Street Views 1838 - 1840 Published on CD by the London Topographical Society
International Bibliography of Maps and Atlases Allows searching of map catalog records across institutions. Part of the World Bibliographies on CD-ROM series.
I Segni del Territorio Maps, plans, views and videos of Prato (Italy) and surrounding areas, from the 16th century to the present day on 11 CDs.
Islandskort: Landmaelinga Islands = Maps of Iceland Topographical mapping of the whole of Iceland at scales of 1:250,000 and 1:500,000.
Latvijas CD Atlas Interactive atlas of Latvia
Mapa Militar Digital de Espana
Excellent 1:200,000 topographic mapping of Spain, with Digital Terrain Model (DTM) allowing for 3D visualisations of the landscape.
Mapamondi: Une carte du monde au XIVe siècle Digital reproduction of the 1375 catalan atlas held in the Bibliothèque nationale de France
MapHist 1994 - 1999 Indexed hard copy on CD-ROM of the Map History discussion list, including the Discovery and Maptrade lists.
Maps of India Electronic atlas of India with maps of regional boundaries, transport, industry, cities, and many other themes.
Millennium Earth Images 1000 views of the Earth. Accompanies the Dorling Kindersley World Atlas Millennium Edition on open shelves at Maps Ref.E.5.(World).(29)
The New Hollstein Dutch and Flemish Etchings. Part: The Van Doetcum Family 1554 -1606 1053 high resolution images of maps, views, engravings and woodcuts produced by the Van Doetcum Family. An excellent digital collection of images with a searchable database and information on each image.
Ordnance Survey Maps of Cheshire
All 3rd edition (1900 to 1912) 25" to a mile maps of Cheshire (800 maps)
Ordnance Survey Maps of Lancashire All 1st edition (1888 to 1893) 25" to a mile maps of Lancashire (1400 maps)
Ordnance Surveyors' Drawings Scans of the original large-scale drawings made for the OS one-inch-to-the-mile maps, compiled between the 1780s and 1840. Desktop
Ottowa ICA 1999 Proceedings of the 19th International Cartographic Conference
PanAIRama -Western Australia High quality aerial photography of parts of Western Australia on over sixty CDs.
Portolan Charts and Atlases of the British Library
A searchable database of the Portolan charts and atlases held in the British Library.
Riverside Explorer: investigating rivers and their habitats in England and Wales. Educational product from the Environment Agency and Ordnance Survey, providing maps, photos and text on the river systems of England and Wales.
The Royal Atlas of England and Wales (1898 Bartholomew's Atlas) Atlas of England and Wales created at the turn of the century, with town plans of the larger cities and a placename index.
The Seismological Bulletin of Israel, 1900-1995. Record of the position and magnitude of earthquakes in Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean.
Soviewer - Soviet Map Viewer Application for searching and viewing Soviet topographic map series. Produced primarily in the 1960s, various scales and geographic coverage are available.
Street Atlas USA
Street atlas covering the entire USA from Delorme Mapping Co.
StreetExpress version 4.0 [Perth] Street maps of Perth, Western Australia, 2001.
StreetSmart Touring Maps - Western Australia Maps of Western Australia.
Swiss Map 100 Topographic 1:100,000 and 1:1,000,000 scale mapping of Switzerland
Topo USA 2.0
Vector topographic atlas of the USA with Digital Terrain Model (DTM) allowing for 3D visualisations of the landscape. from Delorme.
TOPO! Interactive maps on CD-ROM
Digitised USGS topographic maps from 1:24,000 to 1:1,000,000 in three volumes covering the following areas:

1. Greater Boston, Cape Cod and Rhode Island
2. Greater NYC, Long Island, Catskills and Poconos
3. Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and surrounding recreational areas

Urban Geoscientific Data of East and Southeast Asia
GIS data sets of 11 cities covering geology, hydrology, soils and other related themes.
US Census Bureau - Census 2000 Block Maps US census block maps in PDF format. Disc 1 - North Eastern states
Virtual visits to the cities of Europe Travel guides and 3D maps for 12 European cities.
A Wheel of Memory: The Hereford Mappamundi Multimedia version of the Hereford Mappamundi
Window on the UK 2000 Satellite imagery and aerial photography of the UK.
Window on the Universe Video, satellite and telescope imagery of of the universe CD1 - The solar system, CD2 - Outer space